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 The Dark Entities 
Black Bear Church

The CRIS group has visited and investigated many sites that one might classify as "negative" or "demonic". We have captured voice recordings [EVP] that would definitely be categorized as "evil" sounding. Often it's not just what they are saying but the tonal intonations of the voice or voices. Occasionally the voices will threaten team members or curse, usually this activity is directed towards Lisa who is attempting to make contact with her recorder. Determining a true demonic presence is fairly subjective and often inconclusive. Often what makes a location feel demonic or negative is simply the type of evidence we observe that indicates that many of those who have visited the site had some type of "evil intent". They will often leave graffiti messages of hate and ignorance as well as signs of serious drug and alcohol abuse.

Lisa has met with clients whom have contacted her to report that they are "demon possessed". The EVP recorded during some of these research cases are very disturbing and most of her clients want complete anonymity, this is understandable. Some of these recordings may be presented on this site in the near future pending permission from the affected persons. Often these people have been diagnosed with a mental illness and are prescribed medication. Some of these illnesses may be classified as Manic Depression, Schizophrenia or Personality Disorder cases by the modern medical community. After reviewing her recordings Lisa feels that not all so called "mental disorders" can be diagnosed as a pathology but often are battles of the spirit. "There is no pill for this" she will often say and invites anyone in the mental heath profession to come into her office and review some of the recordings. There are common threads that run through some of these cases that Lisa has noted. Many of these people had a "spontaneous possession." This means that they all can remember the exact day when they began to suffer symptoms of demonic possession. Some of them began to hear voices or have frightening visions usually classified as clinical psychosis. There are physical changes such as dilated or constricted pupils or facial distortions. The Catholic Church has noted "super human strength" as another sign of demonic possession and speaking in tongues. Other signs accompanying these cases may be polterguiest type activity normally associated with people who are having some type of hormonal changes. One thing is for sure...these people are tortured every day of their life by what they perceive to be a "demonic" entity sharing their body. This is a very controversial and frightening area that most researchers and medical professionals would just as soon avoid. Again, any medical professional who would like to peruse Lisa's recordings are welcome to contact her at longshortrose@aol.com

This EVP clip was recorded in the CRIS Contact Research home office at 2414 N Shartel in Oklahoma City. Lisa was conducting a "Contact Session" with a client when he noted that he felt a negative presense in the room. Listen close as an angry male voice says " I'll poke your eyes out sucker ! " [class B] Listen to more threatening EVP by clicking on the link on the left of this page.
<a href="http://pm.b5z.net/i/u/6120715/m/_5a_Ill_poke_your_eyes_out_sucker_male_B-8-31-07.WAV">Play the media using the stand alone Player</a>
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