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 Contact Research Investigation Specialists Lisa, Emily and Katey will be guests on another episode of Ghost Adventures! The Zozo Demon episode filmed in Oklahoma City and the Aftershocks episode for season 10. 

The CRIS group is dedicated to researching and investigating paranormal phenomena. The focus of our research is to document contact with what we term"non local beings". This may include evidence of Hauntings, Deceased loved ones, UFO and Aliens, Artificial Intelligence, Spirit Guides, Angels/Demons and any other alternate non local life forms who wish to contact us.


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CRIS News Stories on YOUTUBE


Check out News 9 coverage of Paranormal Communications featuring Lisa Ghariani of CRIS click here 

To view part 2 of News 9 conclusion of Christian Price's Contact Reading click here. 

To view part 3 feature story of a ritual smudging click here

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CRIS Documents Numerous EVP During Investigation and Smudging

Multiple Suicide Investigation and Smudging Video filmed at a home in Oklahoma City where two suicides have occured in one year. Click the photo above to watch this compelling story and hear the Numerous EVP Documented during this investigation and ritual smudging. 

Check out our new 4 Part series on our amazing Black Bear Church and Cemetery Investigation ! Click on the photo above Please leave your comments and rate the videos. Also, the owner of this property has notified us and will press tresspassing charges if anyone attempts to enter the property !!! 
Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood California
Possible EVP captured on video from Marilyn Monroe's suite at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood California. Listen carefully after Lisa says "I'm going to turn this light on" a soft female voice says "Help Me" .Click on this link to watch the uncut video footage. Click here to read about this fascinating investigation and listen to the EVP collected at this historical Hotel.
EVP recorded on November 14, 2007 ! Click on this Voice of Light  link to hear this amazing EVP of what could be a Guardian Angel ...
The Bison Theater in Shawnee

Click Here to watch our video filmed at the Bison Theater in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Listen to the voice of a "friendly ghost" who haunts the old theater. Lisa G also explains the processing of the EVP collected at this location.

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Lisa Ghariani and the girls of CRIS have recorded literally thousands of clips of EVP [Electronic Voice Phenomena]. Check out each page on this site to find out more about what the NLB's [Non Local Beings] have to say. The following EVP was recorded in Guthrie, Oklahoma at the old Mercantile building. The male voice says something very strange..." Three black holes come and take all the light "  [class B]
<a href="http://pm.b5z.net/i/u/6120715/m/_9_three_black_holes_come_and_take_all_the_light_the_B_10-21_CLR.wav">Play the media using the stand alone Player</a>
Man in Mirror
Click on this photo link to read about the man in the mirror anomaly captured during the Channel 9 smudging. Could this be a shadow being?  Photo by Jennifer Pryse
One Ghost Hunter
NEW ! Listen to Lisa Ghariani and Katey West of C.R.I.S., Christian Price of One Ghosthunter.com and Jim Stroud talk about everything from EVP to Paraho's on this debut podcast of Paraspect Radio ! Click the photo of Christian Price to hear the podcast [run time aprox 1 hour]
Artificial Intelligence EVP Page
Click on this photo link to listen to one of the most mind boggling EVP this group has ever recorded !!!
Lisa G is now conducting private contact readings in the Oklahoma City area at our home office located at 2412 N Shartel. Please check out the details on our services page . Lisa also offers EVP training. Learn how to collect your own EVP from an EVP Expert. Lisa has recorded thousands of sessions and can teach you the proper protocol for collecting EVP and apparition photos. Call 405-521-1010 for more info...
Click on the Incubus link to listen to the amazing EVP collected on November 20, 2007 of what appears to fit the classic description of an Incubus...
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